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My goal is to teach and encourage others to make decisions based on their authentic selves and God’s purpose for their lives.

Why? Because knowing your true purpose, what your soul was created for in this world, and living that purpose with gentle sincerity and no bull$h*t every day – that’s the kind of knowing that can transform a life. My life. Your life. The lives of those who are fortunate enough to spend their days with you.

Once you know your authentic purpose and live it every day, people are going to notice. My chiropractor has commented on the lessened tension in my shoulders; my husband is grateful I’m happier; and it turns you into that elusive but intriguing creature at parties. You know, the one that elicits the question, “Did you get a new haircut? Something just seems different about you!”


Changing the world. Making a difference. Understanding people. These are goals and values that were always close to my heart, but then practicality came into play. Along the way into full-blown adulthood, small outside influences started to play a role in my decisions and how I felt.

While I was “happy” with my life and saw no reason NOT to be fulfilled by it, something was missing. At first, when I took this to prayer, God was clear that a change would be coming for me eventually, but for the moment being, this was where I was meant to be. Okay, I thought, then I can embrace it.

about catherin A year later, the void was still there. I started reflecting more and asking God for direction. What do I need to DO? My husband wanted to be supportive, but he continued to emphasize that he needed to see a concrete plan of guaranteed success before he could really understand and get behind a lifestyle change for us. I struggled with this lack of clarity for many months.There was no doubt that God wanted me to change course, but I was content to just let him be my compass, not my guide. He had steered me by the shoulders saying Okay, you need to head THIS way, but my reply had only been, Thanks for that – I’ll take it from here. Then, he finally smacked me over the head with the truth of it: You need to Let Go and Trust.I got the message loud and clear this time; exactly what I needed to DO was to let go of my need for control and to trust him to take care of me. It has been a long journey from that moment, but that clarity and instruction has carried me through with hopefulness every step of the way.


Your inner voice. Intuition. Gut reaction.

These are all a part of the same force. These are all ways that God speaks to you. Unfortunately, not enough people trust those forces. We second-guess. We over-analyze. We take surveys and do research and copy what has worked for others. Oh yes, all those methods have a place in business and our lives. But we’re out of balance, and the analytical side has taken over, leaving discouraged and unsatisfied souls in its wake.

By trusting your gut, trusting who you are, who you were created to be, you can find your purpose. You can live an authentic, joyful life, every day. You already know this stuff, you just need to uncover and embrace it.

From your beginning, you have not been just a physical body. You were created with a special blueprint, desires that are all yours. These desires are there for a reason. To point you to the path that God has designed for you. These desires will guide you through your purpose. Because what is humanity without a purpose? Without a reason for being?Myers-Briggs pegs me as an INFJ, or Introvert-Intuitive-Feeling-Judging. This is the rarest type, and of course each one of those characteristics falls on a scale. I practically straddle the line between introvert/extrovert, but I am the poster child for intuition and judging. (And before you start berating me about “not judging people!” it only means that I prefer to make decisions and move forward with a plan, not that I walk around telling others they’re good or bad.)I am a follower of Danielle LaPorte and her work The Desire Map. My core desired feelings are Bold, Generous, Authentic, Purpose, and Powerfully Feminine.
about catherin I love all music, and dancing is a passion. Halloween is my top holiday, because I love to dress up and get fully in character. I adore my children, but I have to retreat to the bathtub at least a few nights a week. All things Italian culture are my favorite. My Pinterest is filled mostly with the recipes that I cook and review, much to the delight of my husband’s insatiable appetite. And give me memorable experiences over tangible goods any day of the week.I have a reason for being, and I follow that reason every day, in big and little ways. I know you have a reason too.

Join me in relishing the peace and freedom that comes from allowing yourself
to trust in a bigger plan for your life and living your authentic purpose. Plus, it’s just dang fun.