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When I am laughing with my daughter on the floor as she pretends I’m her baby, watching the joy unfold on my middle son’s face as I “fly” him on my feet, or feeling the comfort of my oldest son’s arms around me at bedtime, sometimes my mind will think, “I should take a picture of this.”

“You’re not doing what God wants you to do!”

I froze on the bathroom rug. I put down the toothbrush and took a deep breath. My thoughts immediately tackled the question head on, “AM I doing what God wants me to do in this moment? Would he want me to yell at my son and hold him down while I scrape tiny bristles over his teeth?”

A big part of my work is helping women to discover their God-given purpose. In one sense, we all have the same purpose in this life: to love. But how does that look in your life specifically? How are you meant to live that love in action? Start here.

When our first son was born, we just assumed Santa would be a part of our Christmas traditions, because we had both grown up with him.

It never occurred to us that there might be another option until a family shared with us that they never “did Santa” with their kids growing up.

How have you handled the tradition of Santa in your family? Any tips or tricks to guide us?

How much would YOU pay to work with me? I have a special birthday gift for you that can help you uncover your dreams, even if you thought it wasn’t available to you.

For most of us, I don’t think it’s doubt or a fear of failure that holds us back. I think it’s a fear of success.
We tell ourselves it’s a fear of failing, but really, it’s a fear of what others will think about us. Not if we try and fail, but if we do and succeed.

What if people think we’re crazy in this new endeavor? Will our loved ones understand our choices? What if friends can’t connect with us anymore?

And all of these fears of others’ reactions boil down to the greater fear: of change and the unknown.

To me, manifesting is making yourself available for God to put opportunities in your life.

It means tapping into your intuition and what God wants for you and then making that space in your life to receive it. To see the ways that he’s trying to give it to you.

But the key is you can’t bring something into your life if you don’t have the space for it. Mentally, emotionally, energetically, physically.

You might have noticed a slight wind change around my neck of the woods. Here at Nicole Welle central, hub of truth, goodness, and beauty {plus authentic living, purpose, endless laundry, and red wine}, I’ve been plugging along, doing my thing. Or at least, what I thought was my thing.

A change is gonna come… oh, nevermind, it’s here.

Where are you holding onto control in your life? I heard some great advice recently: “Fire your boss. Give the control to God.” Do YOU need to fire your boss?