print design
I love coming up with fun designs that express my clients’ message and personality. The sky is the limit. Greeting cards, posters, invitations, programs, business cards, save-the-dates, from basic size and paper to clever cut-outs and shapes. Fast, easy, and lots of compliments for you!

I do my creative work under the name Divine Image Creations because I believe that not only were we created in the Divine Image, but because of that, he has imprinted in us that same desire to create.  All of our creativity is a gift from God!

authentic branding

How do you want to be perceived? How do you want to make people feel? These questions and more are part of my process for helping businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs discover their authentic brand.

You need to find clarity in your purpose. Once we have that clarity, I can help you craft your message. Your message is more than just your brand – it is an extension of you and your purpose. Let me help you clarify and communicate that message to the people who need to hear it.


digital display promotions

Samples of the templates I’ve created to promote events and other communications via in-house digital displays. It’s fun to see your work on the digital big-screen!

professional bio
  • Bachelor degree in marketing and public relations
  • Experience as an account manager for a marketing & advertising agency
  • Worked as an events & communications coordinator planning events, coordinating volunteers, managing social media, and designing in-house promotions
  • Training with Gina DeVee and The Academy for Business & Coaching Certification
  • Volunteer with events, branding, and blogging for Women’s Impact Foundation

Why me? Where else are you going to get such an overflowing package of:

  • Passion
  • Inspiration
  • Creativity
  • A sharp mind
  • Curiosity
  • Organization
  • Professionalism
  • Authenticity and purpose