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Do you have an incredible business idea that lights you up, but just aren’t sure how to implement it? Or maybe friends and family are filled with skepticism, so you keep pushing it aside?

If you’ve been plugging away for years selling the same widgets in the same way to the same people, but just feel like your heart isn’t in it, I can help. It was once a brilliant idea – and it still is! – but your gut says your ship needs a course-correction.

You don’t need to be a copycat version of “what works for them.” Traditional sales and marketing continues to play a smaller role every day; authentic inspiration and transparent communication are taking their place.

Creating a brand from scratch. Working to design a website layout that is both effective and original. Researching and implementing the best marketing tactics for your specific business. Or just designing some fun invites or greeting cards that reflect your personality!

I want to help get to the heart of what drives your business – your purpose – and effectively communicate that to your prospective clients. Call or email me about your business and your needs, and together we can develop a plan. Initial consult and quotes are on me.



Read any “self-help” or spiritual books lately? Yep, me too. Still searching? I understand.

While filled with great overall insight and general principles, therein lies the problem with the books and blogs: they’re general and overall. They can only take you so far.

Just like with physical workouts, you can hit a plateau where the best thing to do is to bring in a personal trainer. They can meet with you to discuss your personal goals, personal habits, what has worked or what you’ve struggled with in the past, and help you design a personal plan to get to where you want to be. Notice a personalized trend here?

I want to help you over that plateau. There is nothing I love more than listening, understanding, and encouraging an individual to find his or her authentic desires and designing a life around that purpose. Your life is more than just your job, your kids, your health, your hobbies, or even your faith. It is all these things, combined, in a constantly self-adjusting balance. We can find that balance.

A successful coaching relationship involves commitment from both parties, in time and action.  Please contact Nicole to discuss which package is best for you, and to schedule your complimentary discovery session.



Nothing like a deadline to amp up the procrastination, right?

Facebook and snack-inducing as it is, there is something about transferring thoughts to a page that conveys a message in a way that the spoken does not. The slower pace, the ability to delete and start over, and yet the permanence once it is out of your hands all combine to create an impact that should not be taken lightly. And length. Let’s not forget the importance of brevity, folks.

And truthfully, I’ll vouch the same for public speaking. Something about the faster pace, the preparation, and yet on-the-spot energy of it give you a jolt that reading those same words just can’t deliver.

You can find my columns on the Parenting Perspective in the SheSays section of The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead. Or get lost in my head space over on the blog.

Better yet, get the real thing. Let me write your copy for a brochure or web page, get on my calendar for a speaking gig, or let me guest-blog. I would love to share the beauty of trusting your intuition, the power in being vulnerable, or any topic designed for your audience.



What could be better than a great party?! There’s so much in life worth celebrating, I believe any get-together should be a joyous event.

Need a creative idea for a fundraising event? Let’s brainstorm!

Help with putting together the colors, invitations, programs, decorations, Facebook promos? What fun!

It’s the little touches that matter and that elevate your party from just a gathering to an event-to-remember. Cohesive design, clever additions, last-minute details: done right, without overwhelming your guests; these are the elements that add up to a memorable experience.

If coordinating the menu and clever games for your next office party drives your heart to palpitations, then hand those duties over. Nothing cheesy here – just classy, clever celebrations that allow you to focus on having an honestly good time.

In addition to helping others plan, I am also passionate about volunteering with Women’s Impact Foundation events and organizing retreats for women and moms.

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