When you want to feel something, music is undeniably the answer. Enhance your happiness, forget your worries, uplift your soul, wallow in your weariness. And of course, where would the spontaneous dance party be without a great jam?

Spotify is perfect when you need a specific song, artist, genre, playlist, and I dig how it recommends new artists based on my listening history. Ahh, spy technology.

Pandora is great for the “turn it on, forget about it, maybe hear a new song” radio listening. Their Brazilian, Cuban, and Worldbeat Radio stations are perfect for background dinner music, especially if you’re serving something authentic. Beach Bar Lounge Radio is my favorite for relaxing at night, particularly with a glass of wine.

Digging into life’s great mysteries. Finding our authentic purpose. This is the kind of work that needs a soundtrack, baby.



I’ve been using Pinterest for about two years now, and I think it’s a super concept.

Of course, at first I was like the majority and just got lost in the pretty pictures and repinning all kinds of projects and DIY and recipes and kids’ crafts that would forever remain a pretty cyberspace dream. Then I shook myself out of my clicking stupor and got organized.

I love using Pinterest to pin original content that I find around the interwebs. It’s not just about re-pinning! And change up those descriptions, people: the original poster may have thought that angry cat meme was perfect to describe her boss, but you want to save it for inspiration at your kitty-loving daughter’s birthday party. The same description will no longer apply.

My most-used board is my Fresh Reviews, where I review the fresh recipes that I have made.

Truth, Goodness, Beauty and my Mama Spirit boards are also two spaces that uplift a soul. Check them out, and I hope you find some inspiration for yourself.


This is the section where I have to cut myself off, or we could go on all day. So here is a curated selection of my top recommendations:


Held every March at a gorgeous lakeside lodge and spa in northern Minnesota (think Kellerman’s from Dirty Dancing), this retreat is for women only and brings in the most thoughtful and inspiring minds from around the country. You will experience incredible meals, a relaxing getaway, and make connections that will forever strengthen your life. Book it, baby!
Spark of Awesome Retreat


Ahhh, it’s so cool! I ordered a customized planner from Etsy for 2014. I wanted to be sure I had a constant reminder of my core desires and goals for the year. It’s also super functional.
Spark of Awesome Retreat


Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map is a life-changer.
Desire Map
Chris Guillebeau has tons of inspiring info, and I really enjoyed The $100 Startup.
$100 Startup
A Million Miles in a Thousand Years outlines how God is the author of our story, and he wants to write a good one, if we would just get out of his way!
Million Miles


Cute kids stuff, mom stuff, home stuff. Plus it’s fun to get the emails and window shop! I’m always emailing friends when I see a deal on something I think they might like.
Million Miles


This list could go on and on. For baby, spend the extra money on a good car seat – the Chicco Keyfit 30 is incredible. The Medela Freestyle is worth every penny, and they’re a great company. The Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper has been a great addition to our family.


I don’t watch much television, but oh goodness am I mesmerized by Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch. Something about that skinny guy has grown on me.

I never shop online without Ebates. In fact, it’s right in my browser. Silly not to, really.
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back
And to be honest, I would love to get the chance to rave about a Vita-Mix, but sadly I have never used one, hmmm…