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How does personal coaching work? What is transformational coaching vs. life coaching? Can I do a trial run before opening my wallet? Get all the details from Nicole right here.

The benefits of coaching are infinite – it all depends on what you want to put into it. Absolutely EVERYONE can benefit in some way though. Even the most successful coaches have their own personal coaches to guide them. Here’s what’s in it for you.

The madness of winter and the month of March are overwhelming us. I am taking this as the perfect opportunity to share with you a “Madness in March” mini-series on the basics of coaching.

Not basketball coaching.

Personal coaching.

If you’re still wondering, “What does this Nicole lady DO though?” stick around for a few weeks. And if you’re finding that March is starting to make you feel a little madness, then don’t hesitate to reach out! Enjoy!

The number one question you’re asked when pregnant is “Do you know what you’re having?” or some version of this. While it’s tempting to give a smart-@s$ response in return – “a puppy!” – I assume most people do not literally mean “WHAT are you having,” but “Do you already know the gender of your baby?”

Some would say that the opposite of fear is “bravery” or simply a “lack of fear.” I think the opposite of fear is trust. Fear paralyzes; trust allows us to move forward confidently. Fear fuels stubbornness and pride; trust keeps us open and humble.

Trust stems from faith and is the foundation for a confidence that we will be safe, taken care of, and that the future holds good things in store. Not a blind, arrogant confidence that denies all responsibility; but a confidence that knows we are giving it our all, and the rest we will give to God.

Feeling hesitation in presenting yourself to the world? This often shows up, especially with women, in “marketing and sales.” We don’t want to be pushy or come on too strong.

We say we feel confident about our product, but stall out when it comes to putting that product in front of others.

If you know someone who’s life would change for the better by receiving what you have to offer, start there.

That’s not called sales; it’s called sharing your gifts with the world.

When the “shoulds” take over, we feel like we have no choices. When we feel like we’re out of choices, we become miserable. And I mean, MISERABLE. We despise our lives, we become depressed, and frankly, people don’t want to be around us anymore. Recognizing and appreciating the choices available to us in our lives is a cornerstone of human happiness. (It’s also a close relative of gratitude, which we all know can change our lives for the better.)

So let’s work backwards:

I don’t have a choice; I have to; I can’t.

Quit letting your decisions, thoughts, and self-value be determined by what others might say you “should” be doing, thinking, or worth.

Where do you “should”? And where do you need to stop?

A couple evenings ago, I was home alone with my two sons, ages 3 1/2 and 16 mos. Like any human, I needed a bathroom break. I headed to the bathroom, and of course they followed me like a couple little ducklings.

What inspires you? To be a better person? To reach out from your comfortable bubble and help someone? To push yourself to the limits of the person you were created to be?

I’m reading a book right now that was recommended to me by more than one person, so I was very excited to finally delve into it.