Look for the Double Blessings

Feeling hesitation in presenting yourself to the world?  This often shows up, especially with women, in “marketing and sales.”  We don’t want to be pushy or come on too strong.

We say we feel confident about our product, but stall out when it comes to putting that product in front of others.

Don’t you ever have something – a product or experience – in your life that is so awesome you just want to share it with others?  That page-turner you just read, the exotic spice that you put in EVERYTHING, or the great-deal hotel that gave you extra amenities for the price.

If you believe so strongly that these stranger’s products are worth sharing, then why wouldn’t you value your own service, product, or talent enough to believe that’s worth sharing as well?

If you know someone who’s life would change for the better by receiving what you have to offer, start there.  By NOT making your gifts available for others to enjoy and benefit, you’re hoarding what God has given you.

That’s not called sales; it’s called sharing your gifts with the world.

You both benefit.  You “make the sale” and increase your reach.  They receive your valuable offering, and their quality of life increases.  That’s a double blessing from God.

Double Blessings

God wants to bless you abundantly.  You need to know that as badly as you want it, he wants it for you even more.  Say “yes” to those blessings for you and others.

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