How much would YOU pay to work with me? {A birthday surprise}

Pay What You Can Birthday Offer  |

I talk to many women who are so excited when they hear what I do. Getting clear on your God-given purpose? Stepping into it with confidence and direction? Moving past merely surviving every day to thriving and even radiating?!  Sign me up!

However, the reality is that some have also shared of less-than-ideal decisions in your past that have led to credit card balances weighing on your mind or a current job that’s just paying the bills each month {but that’s about all it’s doing for you.}

Add to that the stress and busyness of family commitments, weekend plans, rushing around to appointments, drop-offs and pick-ups, finding something to make for dinner {I mean, do you really have to eat EVERY day?!}….it’s discouraging.

Investing the time and money in a coaching program feels out of reach. Maybe too much of a commitment right now.

And I get it.

Sometimes as much as we want to uplevel our lives and make a big change, it just seems like we can’t make it happen.

So my friend, I have a birthday offer for you. {What? It’s not your birthday?}

Maybe not. But it is mine. So in the spirit of gifts, I want to give you something:

Four Hours of Private Coaching with the Birthday Girl {That’s Me}

Pay What You Can Birthday Offer  |

{promise i’ll wear pants}

You’ll start with a 2-hour kick-starter session to dive into your dreams and what might be holding you back from going after them. No more hiding! Then you’ll get two {1-hour} follow-ups to create an action plan and starting living your authentic purpose. For real.

I see your gifts clearly. I know you’re meant for more. And I don’t want limited tangibles to hold you back. The world needs the special gifts you’ve been given to share.

“But how much IS this package, Nicole?” Well…that’s up to you.

In honor of the day of my birth, and the opportunity life has given me to share my gifts with you, I’m giving you the chance to Pay What You Can!

Pay What You Can Birthday Gift  |

{baby nicole, shocked at the craziness of this offer}

If this sounds like opportunity knocking, simply send me an email at letting me know that you want to work with me and Pay What You Can!

I know technically my birthday is only ONE day, but I don’t want you to miss out. So it’s a birthday blowout, PWYC, 2-day event. Through Friday, November 7 at 12 midnight Central Time, you have the chance to work with me for the price you want.

What are your dreams? Have you been finding a million reasons NOT to go after them? A thousand little voices in your head lying to you, telling you you’re not worth it, keeping you down? Tell them, “No more.”

Friday’s just a day away {as in, tomorrow…tomorrow…}, so if it feels right, I certainly don’t recommend waiting. My birthday only comes around once a year, after all.

Let me give you the birthday gift of finding yourself again.

to the beauty of this life and living it fully ~

Pay What You Can Birthday Gift  |

P.S. The Fine Print:

  • The Golden Rule does apply, i.e. make an offer to pay what you yourself would like to receive. This package is valued at $500. I do reserve the right to refuse “too low” offers; but don’t worry, I trust your best judgment.
  • This offer is extra-special because those who take advantage of this gift are also supporting me in fulfilling the requirements of a certification I’m currently finishing, so the sessions must be used by November 30 and you agree that they can be audio recorded (to be shared with the certification team only). Not a “catch” by any means, but a huge ‘thank you’ for supporting me as well as I am in service to you.
  • Payments can be made online as soon as you respond and name the price. I’ll send you over the link, and you can claim a spot on my calendar.
  • Questions? Just send me an email at, then we’ll hop on the phone to get it sorted out. Clarity is a good thing.
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It’s been an idyllic summertime experience. It has brought me joy and even made me love my children more, to see them running and laughing and enjoying the simplicity of childhood. When I see the viral posts saying how we need to “give our kids a 1970′s summer” again, I just shake my head. Regardless of the decade, everything we need for a perfect summer is within us.

In a book I was recently reading, the author referenced a Facebook post that was going around a few years ago. In it, Facebook users were prompted to share a list of (somewhat random) things about themselves. Things their closest online friends might not know about them, but maybe should.

The author used it as an opportunity to pull back the facade on her life and be vulnerable with experiences from her past, feelings in her present, and fears of her future that most people didn’t realize about her. It resonated with all who read it, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

It occurred to me that I could make a list for my children. 15 Things I Want My Kids to Know About Me.

When I am laughing with my daughter on the floor as she pretends I’m her baby, watching the joy unfold on my middle son’s face as I “fly” him on my feet, or feeling the comfort of my oldest son’s arms around me at bedtime, sometimes my mind will think, “I should take a picture of this.”