How to overcome fear of failure {plus lots of inspirational sayings}

How to overcome fear of failure  |

{plus lots of inspirational sayings}

I posted this graphic on my Facebook page the other day:

How to overcome fear of failure  |

While I think the sentiment resonates, as I pondered it some more, I realized that for women, it may not be accurate.

For most of us, I don’t think it’s doubt or a fear of failure that holds us back.  I think it’s a fear of success.

We tell ourselves it’s a fear of failing, but really, it’s a fear of what others will think about us.  Not if we try and fail, but if we do and succeed.

What if people think we’re crazy in this new endeavor?  Will our loved ones understand our choices?  What if friends can’t connect with us anymore?

And all of these fears of others’ reactions boil down to the greater fear: of change and the unknown.

The unknown means a lack of control.  And so we stay where we are, because while it may be painful and far from ideal (maybe even far from okay, in many cases), at least it’s familiar.  We know the result.  We are in control.

And so I think this saying is more apt:

How to overcome fear of failure  |

It’s when the pain of holding back, of knowing we’re not using our gifts fully, when that pain gets so great, we are finally pushed to act.  Because although it’s scary, and full of unknowns, we’ve decided it’s worth it.

That’s the only way to get past the worries about what others will think. 

Knowing and believing wholeheartedly that we are doing the right thing.  There may be stumbles and wrong turns, but you’re willing to put up with those because you can’t stay in this stuck place any longer.

And here’s the beautiful, good news:

That’s when great things happen.  In fact, it’s the only time they ever have or will.

When the pain of staying stuck can be endured no longer, and a new path is forged, that’s when something new and beautiful is created.

The world needs you and your dream.  We need you to be brave.  It’s the only way to overcome the fear.  You can’t think yourself out of it.  You just have to jump.

How to overcome fear of failure  |


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