Madness in March: Getting Down to Details

*The madness of winter and the month of March are overwhelming us.  I am taking this as the perfect opportunity to share with you a “Madness in March” mini-series on the basics of coaching.  Read the first and second installments.

Not basketball coaching.

Personal coaching.

If you’re still wondering, “What does this Nicole lady DO though?” stick around for a few weeks.  And if you’re finding that March {and now April} is starting to make you feel a little madness, then don’t hesitate to reach out!  Enjoy!*

What does a coach offer?

Coaches all work in different ways and the specifics can vary.  But there is often a basic format that involves private one-on-one sessions between you and the coach, working in a question-and-answer style to help you gain insight into your goals and dreams.  The coach offers feedback and keeps you on track and accountable for working towards those goals.

Sometimes in addition to the one-on-one sessions, which can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes, a coach will offer half-day or full-day intensives.  This is a great opportunity to really dive deep into a feeling of overwhelm and create a game plan.  Almost all coaches offer some type of package plans, which can be anywhere from a month long to a year long.  Some coaches facilitate in groups or masterminds.  Others will work over the phone or Skype, while some prefer in-person support only.

Are you always busy?

How can I work with Nicole?

I’m a big believer that you need to have a solid foundation and momentum to create any lasting change.  Sure, a catalyst to fire you up and get you excited is great – and often necessary – but it isn’t enough to make sure your new ideals will stick.

Because of this, I offer a standard 9-week program.  It includes an initial mini-intensive where we spend extra time together digging into your motivations for coaching and setting your goals.  Then, based on the schedule we jointly determine is best for your needs, we set up eight 45-minute sessions together, typically on a weekly basis.

You will be given an action plan for each week.  I know questions come up, so you can email me for support between sessions.  Everything we do will be designed to keep you on track for your overall coaching desire and your weekly goals.

I also offer an initial 30-minute Discovery Session.  This complimentary time is set up so that we can both get a better feel for the relationship.  You will answer a few short questions in my Discovery Snapshot to give me an idea of your current situation and where you want to go.  I will share with you an overview of how I work and how you can benefit from personal coaching with me.

If your interest has been piqued, I encourage you to schedule a Discovery Session!  There are no strings attached, and you’ll get more personalized information to determine if personal coaching is right for you.  I’m always thrilled to meet with someone who is ready to take the next steps towards a life of authentic joy!

I have a feeling you might also like:

It’s been an idyllic summertime experience. It has brought me joy and even made me love my children more, to see them running and laughing and enjoying the simplicity of childhood. When I see the viral posts saying how we need to “give our kids a 1970′s summer” again, I just shake my head. Regardless of the decade, everything we need for a perfect summer is within us.

In a book I was recently reading, the author referenced a Facebook post that was going around a few years ago. In it, Facebook users were prompted to share a list of (somewhat random) things about themselves. Things their closest online friends might not know about them, but maybe should.

The author used it as an opportunity to pull back the facade on her life and be vulnerable with experiences from her past, feelings in her present, and fears of her future that most people didn’t realize about her. It resonated with all who read it, and the response was overwhelmingly positive.

It occurred to me that I could make a list for my children. 15 Things I Want My Kids to Know About Me.

When I am laughing with my daughter on the floor as she pretends I’m her baby, watching the joy unfold on my middle son’s face as I “fly” him on my feet, or feeling the comfort of my oldest son’s arms around me at bedtime, sometimes my mind will think, “I should take a picture of this.”